World's Fattest Woman Donna Simpson Daily Pictures

Still remember Donna simpsons? the woman who want to become the world's fattest woman? this woman works hard to gain more weight to become the fattest woman in the world. and to realize her quest she tried to eat more than 12.000 calories per day to increase her weight.

42-year-old Donna Simpson weighs 600 lbs, but she’s working hard to put on even more weight, and reach her goal of 1,000 lbs, as soon as possible.

Donna Simpson, who’s the World’s fattest mother continues her quest at ballooning and becoming the World’s fattest mother aiming to reach 1,000 pounds. She says “she is as hungry for attention as she is for calorie-rich food.”

Do you want to know how's donna simpson daily life? here's the daily pictures of Donna Simpson the World's Fattest Woman Wannabe.

Ok Donna Simpson good luck for your hard work. hope that you can finish your quest to be the real fattest woman in this planet.

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Anonymous said...

she s very stupid

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha I think that is a very good were of having ur self being popular world wide! She is not stupid cos! Is a career for her!everybody wants to be known for one thing or the other! Pls madam keep it up u will achieve it! Yes u will

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