World's Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

Want to know about the World's most expensive hotel rooms looks like? well if you have an extra money you could spend a night in this most luxurious hotel rooms. just check about one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world ever here. this rooms on Four Seasons Hotel in new york was claimed as one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. on this Ty warner Penthouse suite you will experience the luxurious room here.

The Ty Warner Penthouse suite in Four Seasons Hotel, New York, costs $35,000 a night and is considered one of the world’s most luxurious hotels.

What offers this hotel for such an impressive amount of money?

First, the hotel staff will conduct a little “investigation” on you to make a dossier that will contain all the information of your tastes and preferences before you come to the hotel. Exclusive suites take over the entire 52nd floor of the Four Seasons and consist of nine rooms each. The windows overlooking Central Park and Manhattan give a breathtaking view. You can have there a personal trainer, a butler and even a therapist to help you relax completely. And if you want to leave the posh comfort of Ty Warner Penthouse Suite, the hotel will provide you with a private elevator, in front of which, a Rolls Royce Phantom or Mercedes-Benz Maybach would expect you (for your unlimited use). The cars will deliver you to any destination. In other words, your any whim will be executed for your money :)

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Be specific with your requests. If you require a sleep mask and a room on a quiet floor, the staff may provide the mask and book your room on a floor with no children.

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