Omnivore Boy who Eat Anything

A Omnivore boy who eat anything from Indonesia. this poor boy could eat anything that he saw such as raw meat, powder, toothpaste a living insect and many things. It reminds me of the Chinese girls who eat dirt everyday. here's a story about this poor boy.

This is really a Strange phenomenon Eri, 7-year-old boy, from Sambiroto Hamlet, Jugo village, Mojo district, Kediri East Java Indonesia can be called a omnivores boy, because this kid hooked to eat and drink everything he saw. eri is listed as the fourth son of the couple Nuhari (44) and Warsiah (42) are known to have a rarity since the last two years. Since childhood Eri known to have a peculiarities, such as he is really happy when sprinkled by powder and eucalyptus oil.

“Before, he only happy when sprinkled with powder, but now he can even eat it,” said Warsiah. In addition to powder, eri also likes to eat soap, toothpaste, charcoal, incense, raw meat, red onion and white onion, drank the eucalyptus oil and used oil. This condition forced Warsiah to quit working, because she have to spend some extra time to keep her child.

“He can also eat a life insect that he caught and drink the used oil if he don’t get caught” added Warsiah. Warsiah said that she don’t know what is the caused for this weird behavior on her son eri. She just said “When he was one years old, a blood coming out with his feces until he reach 3 months. he’s often get a fever and seizures”

This peculiar conditions aggravated Eri on his ability to speak, until the age of 7 years he has not shown signs that he could speak. This is different from its physical growth, which occurred as the children on his age.

“Actually he’s not dumb, because occasionally he can say the father. But yes, if they prefer not to talk because it does not connect smoothly to talk,” said Warsiah.

currently eri spent his daily activity with strict supervision of his mother, while her father worked as a laborer and rubber tapping. Ironically supervision must be made very tight, because if eri don’t found his favorite goods on his home then the goods on neighbor house would be his next target.

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Anonymous said...

Prader Willy syndrome.

Shit is obvious;

Anonymous said...

unhealthy guy ;~;

soap? blah.

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