Shaolin Monks play Soccer

A world cup events has ended and bring Spain as the new world cup champions, but in the next 4 years this teams could be a new world cup champions. haha just kidding. this is not a scene from a Stephen Chow's new shaolin soccer movie. but this is a real soccer played by a young shaolin monks in china.

The younger students of the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng City, China have found an original way of practicing their kung-fu and enjoying themselves at the same time. Whenever they’re not busy meditating, studying or working around the temple, the boys, aged 15 to 18, engage in a spectacular game of Shaolin soccer.

Just like in the above mentioned film, Shaolin soccer features both soccer and kung-fu moves, combined in a very entertaining way. The young monks leap through the air, kick the football like it’s an opponent, and even sit on their heads,while holding the ball. As you can imagine, every one of their Shaolin soccer games draws quite the local crowd.

Here's another picture of Shaolin monks play soccer. they mix their kung fu technique with a soccer technique.

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jigs said...

Nice! Hope Football Federation will recognize their talent and determination in playing soccer...

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