Batman Marries Wonderwoman | Superhero Themed Wedding

The Superhero Wedding themes held by these couples, Neil Vaughan and Sharon, they married as Batman and Wonderwoman, 46-year-old Neil Vaughan, and 40-year-old Sharon are not the most traditional people in England, so they decided to get married as their favorite superheroes, and asked their attending friends to follow their example. Neil wanted to be Batman ever since he was a child, and his wife said she always dreamed of being Wonder Woman. They spent under 300 pounds on costumes, to finally fulfill their dreams to held the Superhero themed Wedding Ceremony.

You can see many great superhero comes to this wedding of Batman and Wonderwoman, such as Ironman, Wolverine, Captain America, Superman and also a pink ranger from Mystic Force ranger or in the Japanese series supersentai that was Magi Pink from Magiranger and many other superheroes that can't be mention here. You can see another superhero themed wedding ceremony between Superman and Wonderwoman on our previous post.

Robin, Batman’s faithful sidekick, was his best man on the big day, while the adorable Powerpuff Girls were bridesmaids. Well Congratulations for Neil Vaughan and Sharon.

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