Chubby Beauty Contest | Miss Ciccione Contest in Italy

31 overweight beauties of Italy competed for the title of “Miss Cicciona“, which translates as Miss Chubby, in the yearly contest of Forcoli. Miss Ciccione Chubby contest in Italy also reminds me to another weird contest such as the Miss Pregnant Contest, Child Beauty Pageant and the Kissing Contest In china.

The only entry condition for Miss Cicciona is related to the weight of the contestants. Women have to be at least 100 kilograms heavy, in order to be admitted. The lucky ones then try to impress the judges by parading in glamorous gowns, or undergarments. The bravest of the women even try striptease routines to gain an edge. The winner doesn’t get a prize, just a boost in self esteem and a huge cake to share with her competitors. If you think you has the minimum requirement for this miss chubby contest why don't you try to join Miss ciccione contest next year? Hmm i Wonder why Donna simpson the world's fattest woman didn't enter this contest?

Miss Cicciona was founded to show the beauty of overweight women. Most of them are mocked and humiliated every time they go out in public, and this is a welcome opportunity to actually be proud and feel good about how they look.

This year’s winner of Miss Cicciona was 33-year old Angela Scognamiglio, from Naples. The 170 kilogram heavy beauty said she “felt like she had just won the lottery”.

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