Huge Nose Man Fei Jianjun Suffer Rhino Carcinoma

Fei Jianjun. 40 years old Chinese man from Maxiang village (Jilin province in China), who has been cruelly nicknamed "Hippo Man" is going to have operations to remove the tumor from the nosesuffers rhino carcinoma. He did not receive any medical treatment for his huge nose as a result of poverty until the hospital offered him free surgery. His nose is the size of a human fist. Fei receives a CT scan at a hospital in Changchun, Jilin province August 19, 2010. Fei found a red knot on his nose last September, which then grew into a size as big as a human fist. He did not receive any medical treatment due to poverty until the hospital offered him a free surgery, local media reported.

His condition began as a small bump on the end of his nose nearly a year ago - but it now covers so much of his face that his eyes have been pushed onto the side of his head.

Doctor Zhang Jianjun, of Jilin Military General Hospital, said Fei suffers from very severe form of nose cancer, and will die within six months without immediate treatment.

"We will give him radiation therapy first to shrink the tumor underneath, and then we'll perform plastic surgery on him," he said.

Well i feel really sorry for fei jianjun conditions. hope that the operations of his Rhino Carcinoma will end his misery. Here's a picture of Fei Jianjun the Huge Nose man caused by a nose tumor or called as Rhino Carcinoma.

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Anonymous said...

omg...wut a big nose :O and his eyes, they're red!

Im sorry for that guy...:( I hope he'll get rid of that nose soon with those operations!

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