Luxurious Car of Celebrity

With their gold and fame it's not too difficult for Hollywood celebrities to own a luxury car such as bentley lexus, maserati, ferrari or even mini cooper , before this we also have talked about the luxury car collection of Michael Jackson, and several great luxurious car and supercar in the crazy world. now here's the luxury car of Hollywood Celebrity.

The picture on the left was a pink bentley that belong to paris hilton,how about another hollywood celebrity luxurious car?

Arnold Schwarzenggers

Ben Affect and Jeniffer Garner

Cindy Crawford

David Beckham

Denise Richards

Halle Berry

Jeniffer Love Hewitt

Lily Allen

Lindsay Lohan

Pairs Hilton

Patrick Dempsey

Sharon Stone

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Anonymous said...

doncha just love how these Hollywood "Green" commie-lib celebrities make movies and espouse causes condemning private wealth, big carbon footprints, materialism and status...but have no qualms driving around in these luxo-vehicles...which they don't want to see the likes of you & me driving? it's infuriating.

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