The Most Extraordinary Cats in The World

The Most Extraordinary Cats in the world, As a pet, cat was ranked as one of the most famous pet due to their cute appearance, well there's so many special and extraordinary cats in this world such as the world's fattest car, world's biggest cat, tallest cat and the smallest cat, we have talked about many cat related article before in this blog. such as the ugliest cat, special cat costume, cat who love to read and the tailor for cat, 4 eared cat, and many more.

Here's another Extraordinary cat in the world.

1. Leo The Longest Cat in the World

48 inches or 122 centimeters in length with furry skin from nose to tail (as measured on March 10, 2002) Leo is the world’s longest cat. Chicago based Caroll Damron and Frieda Ireland own this Maine Coon. Another amazing thing about this domestic giant cat is , it also has a long name i.e “Verismo Leonetti Reserve Red”.

Leo broke the Guinness World Record in 2006, and was compared to be the length of an 8-year old child at that time. His paw could easily fit into a 2 year old’s shoe.

2. Snowball The Fattest Cat in the World

Snowball world’s largest cat is owned by Rodger Degagne, a former employee with AECL in Chalk River.This 87 pound giant cat eats about 3 lbs. of cat food a day, along with cooked chicken, supplemented with deer and moose that Rodger hunts in the fall. “She likes pike a lot, so I don’t throw them back any more.” Snowball often accompanies Rodger fishing on the Ottawa, eagerly peering over the side of the boat as soon as his line goes tight

3. Mr.Peebles The Smallest Cat in the World

Mr.Peebles weighs about 1 kilo, is about 15 centimeters long and perfectly fits in a 200 ml glass.Dr. Donna Sassman adopted this little kitty after she had a miserable experience with her ex-owner.”I was at a house doing vaccines on a dog and saw Mr. Peebles. He was very cute and I asked the owner ‘Can I have him?’ She said, ‘Yes, if you can catch him,’” says Dr. Donna Sassman.

According to vets Mr. Peelbles have a genetic defect and may not grow further.

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