The Most Extraordinary Twins in the World

The most extraordinary twins in the world, twins people mean identical, there's so many twin people in the world who has many similarity one against each. usually they has a similar physical appearance. Twins itself has many types such as siamese twins such as this two headed girls from Britain. and also like this fake miraculous twins made by photoshop.

So how about the world's most extraordinary twins?? Here's the richest, heaviest, oldest, shortest and tallest twins in the world's Let's Check it out.

1. The Heaviest Twins Ever

Billy Leon McCrary and Benny Loyd McCrary are known as heaviest twins in the history of the world. Both were born on December 7, 1946, Billy died on July 14, 1979 from injuries resulted from a stunt gone wrong while Benny died on March 26, 2001.

Billy waited 743 pounds while Benny was 723 pounds. In 70s, the twins traveled around the world as tag team wrestling partners. They called themselves the McGuire twins because announcers in foreign countries had difficulty pronouncing McCrary. They were also famous for their mini bike stunts.

2. The Tallest Twins

James Lanier and Michael Lanier are known as tallest identical twins in the world with 7 6” height. Both were very good basket ball players and played for their respective colleges. Hmm... why this tallest twins didn't listed as the tallest man in the history?

3. The Oldest Living Twins

World’s oldest twins Qiao Junior and Qiao Senior were born on June 18, 1905 ,in Weifang City, east China’s Shandong Province. Both turned 104 on 18th June 2009.
Couple say that they are still fit, active and the best of mates.

4. The Richest Twins

At the age of 20 Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen are world’s richest twins with preside over the tween retail empire Dualstar Entertainment Group. Established in 1993, it sells $1 billion worth of merchandise worldwide a year.

They shared a role on the TV show Full House. Since then, Mary Kate and Ashley went on to create teen empire, with clothing, books, perfume and shoes.

5. The Shortest Twins

John Rice and Greg Rice are known as world’s shortest twins with 2′10″ heights. Rice brothers were born on December 3, 1951 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Their biological parents abandoned them, so, for about nine months, the doctors and nuns took care of them. In colleges they realized that they are very good at sales and both had good careers in real states.

Source : Blindhoop

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