World's Most Amazing Concept Car Citoroen Survolt

Citroen Survolt was known as the world's most amazing concept car ever, Just recently Citroen debuted the Survolt at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. This badboy is an all-electric concept car. This latest concept car from citroen was looks like a batman's vehicle bat mobile. OK how about the specification of this Beautiful Citroen Survolt concept car?

Performance specs were not revealed on the two-seater, but the French automaker does state that the car has a "motor racing punch." No specific details were given about the car's all-electric drivetrain, but it is said to be an evolution of the Citroen Revolte concept seen last year in Frankfurt. The Revolte is a hybrid model able to run as an all-electric using a rechargeable battery and small internal combustion engine.

Its design was meant to convey an aerodynamic look combining "flowing lines [that] convey agility, precision and vitality - with a powerful, muscular character contained in its refined and luxurious frame," according to a press release. The supermini measures in at 3.85-meters long by 1.87-meters wide, making it 65mm longer and 150mm wider than the Lotus Exige S. It stands rather short at 1.2-meters high, which is taller than the Exige, but shorter than the Audi TT.

Exterior touches on the charcoal, fuchsia, and yellow car include LED lighting at the front, an awkward oval-shaped grille, rear spoiler, and the same rear lighting as the Revolte. A long windshield gives the appearance of added space inside.

It seems like this Citroen survolt was like a dreams concept car. i really love the design of citroen survolt concept car.

Source : World Car Fans

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