Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors in Japan

Japan was famous with their bizarre invention in all fields, now we're gonna serve you the bizarre ice cream flavors in japan, forget about Chocolate flavor ice cream or a vanilla and strawberry ice cream flavor, that's only a common flavor where you can get anywhere. In Japan they make an awesome assortment of Ice Cream flavors. From snake wine to shark fins. and even garlic. And now japan invented this bizarre ice cream flavor such as Whale flavor, chicken wings ice cream, Garlic ice cream, horse sashimi ice cream and many more bizarre flavor ice cream that you have never been taste. Before this we also has posted about the Bizarre Japanese Soft drink taste.

Check out this bizarre ice cream flavor in Japan. And a Ice Cream Commercial in Japan as a Bonus.

Teba Saki Ice Cream, Chicken Wings

Charcoal Ice Cream, Probably great for hangovers, or poisonings

Curry Ice Cream

Fish Ice Cream

Garlic Ice Cream (Vamps beware)

Natto Ice Cream (Fermented Soya Beans, fermented in straw)

Horse Sashimi Ice Cream

Sea Salt Ice Cream

Shark Fin Ice Cream

Snake Wine Ice Cream

Squid Ice Cream

Whale Ice Cream

Ice Cream Commercial in Japan

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