Painting Pekingese Dog Called Ziggy

Ziggy a pure pekingese dog was known as a talented dog painter, this dog can paint a beautiful painting above a canvas such as a professional painter. a week ago we also give you a cute pekingese dog which is now known as the dog with the longest tongue in the world on 2011 Guinness Records.

Here's another talented Pekingese dog species called ziggy, Ziggy, a fluffy Pekingese dog, has taken the art world by storm, ever since his owner discovered his incredible talent for abstract painting. Ziggy is another example of talented animal painter, you can see another great painter from animal kingdom such as Xiaoqiang a painter dolphin.

Elizabeth Moncelli says her beloved Ziggy took up painting soon after he was old enough to hold a brush between his teeth. Seeing he had a soft spot for the arts, she encouraged him to use a brush, by attaching it to a paper roller which the dog bites on. Ziggy’s abstract paintings aren’t praised only by his owner, but also by her neighbors in Fallbrook, California, who spend up to $250 for one of his masterpieces.

But like all artists, Ziggy is pretty moody. He only picks up the brush when he is in the right frame of mind, and even then, he only paints for two minutes at most. These short bursts of artistic inspiration apparently take all the dog’s energy, so he usually takes a nap or starts looking for snacks after every painting session. That’s why Ziggy takes days, sometimes weeks to finish one of his paintings.

Here's another picture of Ziggy a dog painter.

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