Transformer Bumblebee Made from Old Camaro parts

It seems that every Transformers lover should have been known better about Bumblebee. Bumblebee is a small, yellow Autobot with the altmode of a compact car. Those awesome transforming characters form the movie ‘Transformers’ really won millions of hearts across the globe and inspired the creative genii to create their own versions. The latest one on the Robosteel just makes us think of those charters once again. This life sized Bumblebee sculpture that stands over 2.2 meters tall is a new addition to family of the transformers. The idea for creating it came at the MPH Top gear show back in 2009 when the creators fell in love with the yellow Camero and began to plan the construction. Hence came up this Bumblebee transformer from recycled steel parts of an old Camaro.

Here's a complete pictures of Bumblebee transformers made from the parts of an old camaro cars.

Via: http://www.automotto.org/entry/old-camaro-recycled-to-create-life-sized-bumblebee-transformer/

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