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Halloween games for kids, do you have a unique idea for your kids Halloween party? well here's several idea that you can try to make your child happy on this Halloween days. Indeed, there’s so much more to Halloween these days than simply trick-or-treating between the hours of 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. In the weeks leading up to Halloween, parties are held at schools, homes and places of worship. Children need to be kept occupied at these parties, and games are great way to hold their attention.

Trick-or-treat game
Fill a plastic pumpkin with papers with the words “trick” or “treat” on each one. Have the kids form a circle. If you don’t have a plastic pumpkin, use a basket. Each child picks out a piece of paper. If the paper says “treat” on it, the child gets a treat from a treat bag. If the paper says “trick” on it, have a list of easy tricks like standing on one leg for the count of 10 or rubbing your head and patting your tummy at the same time, a trick that must be performed in order to get a treat.

Pumpkin bowling
Recycle plastic beverage bottles into bowling pins. Add rocks or sand to the bottom of them to keep them from tipping too easily. Set 10 of them in the traditional bowling pin triangle, and have kids bowl small, round pumpkins into them.

Mummy wrapping
This is a common Halloween game for kids. Break kids up into teams of three or four. One kid is chosen as a mummy. The other kids must wrap the mummy completely from head to toe with a roll of toilet paper. The first team to completely cover their mummy (no skin or costume showing) wins. Use toilet paper made from recycled content for this game, and make sure that the toilet papers ends up in the recycling bin when the game is done.

Donuts on a string
This idea from Martha Stewart has donuts (some seasonal apple cider donuts would be great) on strings just above mouth level of participants. Kids need to eat the entire donut without touching it with anything but their mouths. First one to finish the entire donut wins.

Halloween freeze dance
Create a play list of Halloween songs that are age appropriate for kids. Songs like “Monster Mash” and the “Scooby Doo Theme Song” work well for younger kids. Have the kids dance to the music and when the music stops suddenly, the kids must freeze. Any kid who keeps moving is out, and the last dancer standing wins.

Whisper down the dark and scary lane
The traditional whisper down the lane game is easy to make a bit spookier. Start with an age-appropriate spooky sentence and whisper it into the ear of the first child. Each child then whispers it to the next until the last person says it out loud. It’s funny to see how the sentence has changed by the time it gets to the last person.

• A word about treat prizes. At Halloween time, kids get more candy than most parents would like them to eat in an entire year. Since your party will most likely include some sort of edible treats during the party, make any take-home prizes non-edible. Green Halloween has a list of party treats and favor ideas that go beyond candy

Bobbing for Apples
Supplies needed:
- A large metal or plastic tub
- At least one apple per player

Fill the tub with cold water and place all apples inside.
With their hands clasped behind their backs, children take turns trying to fish an apple out of the tub using only their teeth. Children can either all bob for apples together (the first one with an apple out wins! ) or individually ( the kid who gets an apple the quickest is the winner! ).

Eyeball Relay
Supplies needed:
- Ping pong ball for each team (painted like an eyeball)
- Spoon for each team

Divide children into teams. Give the first child on each team a spoon and a ping pong ball.
Set up the course to where they have to carry the "EYE" on the spoon and keep the eyeball balance on the spoon as they quickly walk or run down to the end of the course and come back. Hand off to the next child to perform the same task until all children have played on the team. First team done wins!
If however the eyeball falls off the spoon during their walk to and from the obstacle then that player must then return to the start line and begin again.

Halloween Corners Game
Supplies needed:
Halloween themed pictures (ie witch, bat, ghost and black cat)

This random Halloween game is always a lot of fun for kids and it is totally random who the winner is.
Stick up large pictures in the four corners of a room. Play some music and when it stops, each child runs to a corner ( if you have small numbers you can limit the number of children in each ).
The music operator without looking then calls out one corner or pulls a piece of paper from a hat and the image on the paper identifies which the corner is out of the game. Continue to play until there is one person left and they win a prize.

Make a Spiders Web
Supplies needed:
Different colored yarns and time (can take an hour or more to untangle).

Gather all the children round in a large circle and give them all a ball of wool each. Try to use different colored wool as this makes a much more interesting web. Get each child to tie the end of the wool loosely around their waist. When everyone is done, each person throws their ball of wool to anyone else in the circle, preferably all at the same time. They then put the wool around their waist and throw it to someone else. This carries on until they run out of wool.
To add a little spice, they can wrap the wool around legs, arms, etc. At the end what they have created is a massive multi colored spider’s web which they can’t get out of very easily. Hours of fun and entertainment and if you’re really lucky they will spend the next hour trying to free themselve

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