Most Luxurious Public Toilet

I'm sure you must be familiar with terms five star hotel, but have you heard about five star public toilet? isn't it sound weird for you? Well it's not a joke but you can find the world's most luxurious public toilet in Bishan County in Chongqing Municipal City,

This Five Star Public Toilet opened to the public and attracted many near-by residents and passers-by to pay a visit.

The toilet is not only equipped with a stereo system, inductive water flushing equipment and green dish gardens, but also has a central air conditioner that runs 24 hours. Hmm i wonder if they also provide a car toilet seat?

Since it opened, many residents have praised it, but there are also some who question whether it is necessary for a public toilet to be so luxurious. Here's another picture of this five star public toilet or soon will known as the world's most luxurious public toilet

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