Airgel a table and Fridge with Heater

A Fridge with a heater that can function as a table? this nice concept from LG Airgel could be a great breakthrough. with this stuff we can keep our food on a fridge or heater in a same storage and this stuff can also function as a table so we can enjoy a fresh food every time and every where.

With the lifestyle getting busier, our food habits have also been affected adversely and unhealthy too. Airgel is dedicated to those busy bees, who do not get sufficient time to have proper meal at proper time. Designed by Sayon Chatterjee, Airgel is a wholesome dedication that not only keeps the food fresh, but also heats it and offers the food right on your table. Airgel is a fridge combined with the heater which opens up into a table so that you can enjoy the fresh food right there.

The automatic timer keeps the food at an optimum temperature, so that you can enjoy the same fresh food by the time you reach home. It acts as a thermostat for food, and also heats the food when given the command. Once the food is ready, Airgel turns into table to serve the food that comes out of the sides, thanks to the simple touch surface that makes this appliance a user-friendly operation.

Here's the concept of Airgel a Fridge with heater.

Via : Homeqn.org

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