The Aquavista Panoramic widescreen wall-mounted aquarium

The Aquavista Panoramic widescreen wall-mounted aquarium - Want a unique wide screen aquarium to fill in your living room? you can choose this Aquavista Panoramic a Widescreen wall mounted aquarium. This wall mounted aquarium hangs like a Plasma TV. This Aquarium ideal for a tropical fish.

This Aquavista Panoramic is equipped with an automatic feeder so that means you don't have to feed your fish everyday. this stuff will do it all your work automatically. Beside that features, this aquarium also equipped with dual filtration, heater,air pump, lighting, and also a carbon dioxide generators that allows the most exotic live plants to thrive in this underwater mecca.

Each unit of Aquavista panoramic has a touch screen control panels that allow you to program the aquarium. This aquarium was easy to set up and with this stuff you can make an underwater garden. If you want to buy this aquarium so you can get it for about 650 pounds or approximately 1,037$

Here's another pictures of The Aquavista Panoramic widescreen wall-mounted aquarium.

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