Document Extractor Multifunction Screen as Scanner and Printer

Document Extractor Multifunction Screen as Scanner and Printer - There's so many futuristic design concept that will change our perception in the next few years about how to use the gadget. Like this concept that combine a scanner, printer and screen on one single gadget named Document extractor. How it works?

Designers with their futuristic concepts often force us to see the future well in advance. It’s not one or two of them, almost every concept we come across has something novel to show. Now, this monitor, Known as Document Extractor by designer Byeong Min Choe, may resemble an iMac for once but it’s all novel to the core. The full-touchscreen monitor makes provision to stock paper in a tray behind it, where from it prints data on the sheets of paper that slide out of the bottom of the computer. The same passage that lets the printed paper out is used to stuff in matter for scanning.

This screen will be entirely touch-based as well, allowing you to crop and print portions of your screen using some sort of print/scan application. Choe aims for this computer to be a big time saver as it might be able to not only cut out the amount of devices you need sitting on your desk, but also the amount of time you need to move back and forth from different applications for each device

This is one amazing concept which will not only save space on our desks tomorrow, but will also save the users that extra pain it takes to move around the workstation collecting printouts from the printer etc. More picture of this amazing design concept after the jump.

Via : Slashgear

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