Eco Friendly BMW Subway Concept

Eco Friendly BMW Subway Concept - Concerning about a green technology that able to recycle so BMW designed an Eco Friendly Subway Concept, Poland unveils BMW-Designed Subway Cars which are 98% recyclable. The concept will not only bring sustainable engineering to the Warsaw’s metro system but will also be a new paradigm in eco-travel. Dubbed the Siemens Inspiro transit concept, the design comes from Siemens and BMW Group DesignworksUSA. The transit system boasts many-sensitive designs and will go online in the Metro Warszawskie in 2012.

The transit system features spacious interiors, wide entrances for better passenger flow, large electronic displays for system maps and a lighting system placed at the smoothing intervals. And in order to increase the interior space as much as possible, the electronic and mechanics cabinets have been removed from the actual cabin walls. The handholds in the transit system are lit from the above and are shaped like tree branches which denote subway cars’ green ambitions.

The subway’s green credentials come in the form of carriage’s aluminum, weight optimized chassis which is considerably lighter than the average traincar. Lighter aluminum chassis has duel benefits – it reduces the energy consumption on one hand and is 98% recyclable on the other.

Here's the Concept of Eco friendly BMW Subway Cars.

Via : Fastcodesign

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