Handfishes a Walking Fish Species

Handfish a walking fish species, there's so many bizarre and weird rare animal in this world's, one of them is this handfish. this kind of fish has a hands that they use for moving, unlike the other fish species this fish was not swimming but walking!

Fishes are strange enough as they are, but what about fishes with hands? Weird! The pink handfish, as it is called, is a part of the handfish family, and is last seen in 1999. It is now one of the newly named species of the handfishes, among nine others. This very odd fish doesn’t swim, and that explains why it’s located at the bottom of the ocean. It uses its “hands” that are supposed to be fins, to walk around. Tasmania, an Australian island, is the place where the nine fishes have been found, to be completely precise, around the city of Hobart. There's another unique and rare fish species such as this fish with human like teeth. and this prosperous Golden Fish in Taiwan.

It is probably the place to be for a handfish, because all the 14 species of this kind are found nearby southeastern Australia. The little pink creature is only 4 inch large (10 cm), and the scientists don’t know that much about its behavior because it has been poorly studied. Until now i didn't get many information about this handfish. and here's the pictures of the handfish the walking fish species.

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