Hello Kitty Themed Park in Japan

Hello Kitty Themed Park in Japan, Well after taking you to a spooky restaurant on previous post now we want to take you to a pink paradise of hello kitty theme park. This is another unique and specific theme park beside ferrari theme park in Dubai and the Biggest indoor theme park in Trans Studio Indonesia. This Hello Kitty Themed park was opened on October 22nd, I guess the Japanese didn’t want to look bad, after their Chinese neighbors built a Hello Kitty castle, Well i'm sure that the owner of this Hello Kitty themed ferrari will love this place.

This Themed Park Located on Odaiba Island, Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise opened on October 22nd, and hopes to attract as many as 700,000 Hello Kitty fans in its first year. While the despicable icon has tons of fans in Japan’s capital, not many of them bothered to check out the theme park, probably because Odaiba is quite a long way from central Tokyo, and many of them don’t care to make the long trip. Let’s just hope the place stays empty and they’ll be forced to close it down soon, because unless you’re the Pink Lady, human eyesight just can’t handle all that pink.

In case you’re interested, the 10,000 square-foot park features a big Hello Kitty shop, where you can find all kinds of accessories, toys and other pink junk, a Hello Kitty pancake restaurant, a small theater, a big statue of Hello Kitty and a whole bunch of other pink, girly stuff fans go crazy about.

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