Luxurious Clear Glass Bathtub - Allos Bathtub

Luxury Clear Glass Bathtub or known as Allos bathtub designed by Glass Idromassaggio could be a great choice for a modern bathroom design. The Allos bathtub by Glass Idromassaggio is the newest clear glass bathtub range designed by Ross Lovegrove. The tub bestows you with the distinctive experience, and the use of ultra-modern white hardware adds to its overall look. Offering a comfortable place to stretch out along with the soft head cushion and an integrated light, the built-in television adds to the overall entertainment. Representing the pinnacle of modern design, Allos completely blends with your bathroom space when not in use. You would love to ease yourself in for a deep soak, and rejuvenate your senses and soul.

For modern minimalist to the extreme, this clear glass bathtub from Italian bath brand Glass Idromassaggio is it!! The Allos bathtub features a clear-glass enclosure with barely-there appeal. And the piece de resistance is the ultra-modern white hardware. Functionally, the bathtub shines, complete with its quick-fill feature, a soft head cushion and an integrated light. Lean back, click on the built-in television, and let your mind drift away. But when not in use, Allos blends in with its surroundings. Not that this “invisible” tub will be overlooked in your space. “Allos is a refined and experiential design concept, where our sense of sight is unfailingly attracted toward the glass bathtub,” says designer Ross Lovegrove. Check out this unusual new bathtub design by Glass Idromassaggio.

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