Nokia E10 Concept - Rollout Display Phone

Nokia E10 Concept Phone - Nokia back with their newly phone concept. this Nokia E10 was come with a rollout display. this cool concept could be truly a new trends in cellphone design for the future. check out the picture of Nokia E10 Concept Phone below.

Usually gadgets with soft screen or scroll screen do not support touch control and one-hand control if the screen is very large. This inspired the designer to develop a portable gadget that would make the functions of a scroll screen simple and user-friendly on the go. Moreover, foldable phones are a niche that is new not only for users but for designers as well.

What makes it so special? First of its kind, the Nokia E10 phone features a bendable screen that works in two different modes, i.e. cellphone and tablet, thanks to the flexible, folding structure, to enhance the experience of the user. Now, users will be able to carry their tablet alongside the cellphone in their pocket. Locating three solar batteries, together with a lithium battery, at the rear, the futuristic cellphone ensures steady battery backup to support extended chatter and work sessions, while addressing the environmental concerns.

What’s in it for me? Employing a thin, flexible material, the screen rolls around onto a 6mm axis to save extra space and reduce the size, so you could carry it all the time with minimum fuss. When required, the Nokia E10 expands its screen to bigger dimensions (6.4 x 4.0 inch) to enjoy your favorite pictures, videos and movies in high-definition anywhere, anytime. While on the other hand, you can fold it up to make phone calls, send messages, emails, play games and do whatever you want like other normal mobile phones.

What’s next? The Nokia E10, together with Sony’s roll-up OLED display, has paved the way for a new line of gadgets that the users will be able to stretch, bend or morph into different shapes and sizes to meet their individual needs. Apart from the E10, Nokia is planning to incorporate nanotechnology in its high-end devices, such as the Nokia Morph, Concept to increase utility and reduce manufacturing costs in coming years.

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