Roca Cocoon Shower Stall Design

Roca Cocoon Shower stall designed by Arina Komarova - This Futuristic concept of Shower stall could be a revolution bathtub design. This cocoon is not work as a shower but also as a bathtub.

the egg-shaped shaped Cocoon Shower Stall that literally cocoons you once you shut all the glass slides. The usual spa features seen in such kinda stalls are included, but to spell them out: shower, bathtub, hydro massage (Jacuzzi) & mood lighting are there. The rain-showerhead is plum in the center of the ceiling, but I’d much rather use this for the hydra therapies!

Like an egg pod from space, the cocoon is not only a shower, but also a bathtub and hydro massager. Well, it would be, if it wasn't for the small fact that Arina Komarova's creation is just a concept

Via : Yanko Design & Gizmodo

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