Slendertone Face facial electrotherapy device

Slendertone Face facial electrotherapy device - This device will help you to reduce your wrinkles and then make your face looks younger. Usual Cosmetics may conceal wrinkles on your face and make you feel young for a certain period, but you can’t get rid of them without undergoing those expensive anti-wrinkle surgeries. But with the help of this slendertone device you can get a fresher looks without spend a lot of money.

Slendertone was Developed by Notion, a creative Industrial Design studio based in Ireland, in collaboration with BMR Slendertone, the “Face” is a revolutionary facial electrotherapy device that gives an altogether new dimension to cosmetic beauty. The new device instead of concealing the wrinkles works on healing them with facial electrotherapy, so you may look young and fresh, without applying heavy makeup and anti-aging creams, for a longer period. Resting comfortably on your neck, the device gives a soft, smooth massage around the face that you may organize through a remote control with minimum fuss.

Well i think this design idea was really useful for any woman who want to get rid of their wrinkles in face and get a healthier skin. here's another pictures of This Slendertone Face facial electrotherapy device.

Via : designbynotion.com

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