VW Mini Gol Special Vehicle for Mini People

VW Mini Gol Special Vehicle for Mini People - VW Made a special vehicle for dwarf people. this kind of vehicle is far smaller from a normal vehicle.Volkswagen is building a low priced compact car named Gol in Brazil since 1980. This model gave birth to VW Mini-Gol in 2008 which is approximately 30% of the size of the original. Its compact yet lucid size is perfect for little people (5-foot or less).

There have been decent efforts in the past to provide dwarfs with decent means of transportation, but those were limited to modifying the cars to suit the purpose than actually building a new vehicle. However; the one here is a new paradigm.

To tell you more about VW Mini-Gol, the German manufacture has build only two such vehicles in Brazil so far and they’re used as show cars at auto events in Brazil. One such model has been put on display at Leisure Park Santa Catarina, Brazil and is one of the striking attractions. The VW Mini-Gol is all about two distinctive features: its powertrain and its size. It’s propelled by 5.5hp engine, can reach a top speed of 27km/h and is merely 2.25 meters long. Everything else such as seats, dashboard and the instrumentation do not receive any amendment, except the scale.

Here's another picture of this special vehicle for dwarf people named VW Gol.

Via : Automotto

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