World's Highest Resolution Images - London 80 Gigapixel Pictures

London 80 Gigapixel pictures taken by Jeffrey Martin are know claimed as the World's Highest Resolution Images. A newly published 360-degree image of London takes the crown as the largest, highest-resolution panoramic photo in the world. The image of London has a total resolution of 80 gigapixels, or 80 billion pixels.

It is so detailed that the photographers even had to censor one image which they described as ‘naughty’ - but they have not told users where the image was found or what it was, Previous attempts at world record gigapixels include a 26-gigapixel image of Paris, a 70-gigapixel image of Budapest, a 26-gigapixel image of Dresden, and Martin's previous record holder from 2009, an 18-gigapixel spherical image of Prague.

The World’s largest and highest resolution panoramic image is detailed enough to allow the onlookers to zoom right into clock face of Westminster to read the time almost 1.5 miles away, or to reveal the life inside buildings or see the people on the streets.

Clicked by photographer Jeffrey martin this image that reveals the highest resolution image of any city ever, was taken over a span of three days from top of the Center point building and is a result of a unification of 7886 individual photos stitched together on a Fujitsu CELSIUS computer. If the photographer wished to print this image at normal photographic resolution, it would measure 115 feet long and 56 feet high. Jump down for a few more images.

This detailed photo that users can even zoom in on the clock face at Westminster to read the time almost 1.5 miles away

Via : Dailymail.co.uk

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