Zlata the Rubber Girls | Most Flexible Woman

Zlata the Rubber girls or known as the most flexible girls in Russia and also in the world's. well i wonder is her bone was made from a rubber? she was extremely flexible she can foil herself in a 20 inch squared box!. Zlata a.k.a. Rubber Girl, an eerily flexible 24-year-old contortionist extraordinaire in a series of photographs. Here, Zlata demonstrates the newest compact mail-order bride shipping crates. 20 inches squared!

Forget trying it at home – Zlata is flexible because “a rare condition that makes all her tendons extremely pliable”. Zlata have been doing extreme gymnastics since she was 14, but the other girls got jealous of her skills, so she joined an after-school circus. She now dwells in Germany. Beside zlata we have another amazing rubber girls on our previous post and a flexible circus girls and also Vijay Sharma the Indian Plastic Man.

Here's the amazing photo of Zlata the Rubber girls and also the video of Zlata flexibility.

Video of Zlata Amazing Contortions

Picture Via : Anarok.co.uk

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