Eco Friendly Racing Car - Green GT

Eco Friendly Racing Car - Green GT, Usualy a world fast racing car identical with the fuel-intensive machinery. But Green GT seems to want to change that paradigm by creating an environmentally friendly race car or Eco Friendly car. well it seems that day by day eco friendly vehicle becomes trends.

This car manufacturer from Switzerland introduced the GT at the Ecole Polytechnique Greent de Lausanne, Switzerland. Green racing car is armed by the electric motor is even racing cars already meet the standards set by the FIA.

But although relatively efficient in fuel consumption, you can't underestimate the ability and speed of Green GT Because this car can still run fast.

Green GT Car body is made from lightweight carbon materials with composite chasis make this car weighs only 980 kg. from the two electric motor arms, Green GT is capable of producing power up to 450-500 hp in the rotation torque of 2400 Nm.

malignant power of Green GT owned stored in lithium ion polymer batteries developed specifically for high-performance electric car. In addition, this vehicle is also equipped with a set of solar panels that are used to search for additional staff.

"Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, Green GT showed that electric cars can offer the same level of performance with other cars that use internal combustion engines," said Greent GT which produce this car as reported by autoevolution, Friday (17/12/2010).

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