iGrill First iPhone Grilling Thermometer

iGrill First iPhone Grilling Thermometer, Maybe this is the latest iPhone accessories that you must have in the new years eve, many people host a barbecue party in new years night, iGrill is the first in the world that can be used with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, It seems that iGrill has made a breakthrough in helping people measure the heat of their grills. Well there's so many great concept of future apple gadget as we mention before.

With the help of applications installed on the iPhone and the Bluetooth connection, this meat thermometer will inform your BBQ meat data to your iPhone so you can know whether the meat is cooked or not. like their tagline, iGrill Technology just get tastier.

Existing Bluetooth connections can reach a maximum distance of 60 m and temperature sensors are also able to measure the heat reaches 204 ° C. In the application, iGrill also provided various kinds of meat recipes that you can use when you're confused what's going to cook. :-) iGrill sold for $ 99.99. Here's several pictures of iGrill the First iPhone grilling thermometers who lead the technology get tastier.

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Tummy Tuck Ft Myers said...

Man amazing thing that you have shared in time. I can come quite handy during parties as people used to forget the grill and mostly anything that is cooking used to burned off or mostly over cooked due to over cooking. Thanks for sharing it...

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