LG Xnote P210 - Thinnest 12,5 Inch Notebook

LG Xnote P210 - Thinnest 12,5 Inch Notebook, Looking for a thin notebook with powerful feature? if so this new notebook from LG could be your choice. LG Xnote P210 is a notebook that claims itself as a notebook with the thinnest frame ever. So what's the specification of this notebook?

With the thinness of frame, you would have a notebook with 12.5-inch screen sizes but the same overall size notebook with 11.6-inch screen.

LG Xnote P210 is also quite powerful considering the Intel Core i5 processors, 4GB RAM and 320 GB Hard Disk space. But unfortunately we don't have the information about the weight of this Notebook. And here's more picture of this Thinnest 12,5 Inch Notebook LG Xnote P210.

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