Most Expensive Christmas Ornament

Most Expensive Christmas Ornament, It's 4 days to go before Christmas, Have you found all the Christmas stuff for your Christmas party such as the Christmas tree or even the Christmas Ornament? Well if you have more money so why don't you try this expensive ornament for your Christmas?

This particular Christmas decoration features 1,578 diamonds encrusted in 18 carat gold and has two rings encrusted with 188 rubies. And, as if it wasn’t blinged-out enough, this one of a kind ornament also has 3 1-carat Roman diamonds encrusted into the sphere.

The world’s most expensive Christmas bauble was hand crafted by Embee Jewels London, in partnership with Hallmark Jewelers , and is scheduled to be sold in an auction. 15% of proceedings will go to the National Autism Society, the UK’s leading autism charity. Merry Christmas Everyone..

Think about the price of the diamonds, gold and rings that encrusted with rubies? maybe it would fit the most expensive Christmas tree in Abu dhabi which is posted before in the crazy world.

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