Solar Powered e-book Reader - KDDI Bibilio Leaf SP02

Solar Powered e-book Reader - KDDI Bibilio Leaf SP02, Here comes another cool solar powered gadget. concerning of a green living and to save the electricity power on a gadget, KDDI Bibilio Leaf SP02 will release their solar powered portable ebook reader in Christmas day.

KDDI Biblio Leaf SP02 is a monochrome e-book reader measuring 6 inches (800 × 600) that could be considered e-book reader hybrid because in addition to the battery, the e-book reader also has solar panels on the bottom.

With black and white screen coupled with a solar panel, make Leaf SP02 can be used continuously is equivalent to 13 000 pages we read. Leaf SP02 have 2 GB of internal memory which can store about 3,000 books and if still not able to use microSD memory card.

Leaf SP02 also has Wi-Fi and 3G to enable you to buy a new book or download a new updated digital newspaper. KDDI Biblio Leaf SP02 will go on sale in Japan as of This December 25. Well then it's good to become a Christmas Gift. Here's more preview of the solar powered e book reader.

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