Wind Powered iPhone Charger - iFan

Wind Powered iPhone Charger iFan, still using an old ways to charge your iPhone? well this is the time for you to take another way to charge your iPhone, Use the air to charge your iphone battery. It seems that every day we found many interesting gadgets and their accessories such as this iPhone charger, forget about the traditional iPhone charger, now you can charge your iPhone with this iFan charger.

If the idea of using wind to charge your iPhone intrigues you, then the iFan is exactly what the doctor ordered. The iFan is a modified PC fan molded into a rubber iPhone case. It’s designer, Tjeerd Veenhoven states that it took him six hours to fully charge up his iPhone using the fan. Not too bad for air.

the iFan. Designed by Tjeerd Veenhoven, this new wind-powered iPhone charger lets that nerd in you go comparatively green with the iPhone. If you aren’t one of those who travel outdoors very often, then the concept of a new wind-powered charger for the iPhone may seem almost worthwhile, but ask them who often find themselves in the lap of the Mother Nature pretty often, without an excess to charge their iPhones for days, they’ll value this for sure. So, if you like the idea of charging the iPhone with an iFan, then I’ll tell you know that it takes the iFan about six-odd hours to charge the iPhone with a breeze, if you have the entire day on you, then iFan is the way to go.

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