Wordlens iPhone Direct Translation Apps

Wordlens iPhone Direct Translation Apps, Well there's so many unique iPhone apps that can help you do many thing such as iGrill the iPhone Thermometers and Wordlens. this apps will help you to translate the foreign signs on a real time. How does it work? Word Lens: Instantly translate printed words from one language to another with your built-in video camera, in real time

When you're on a trip to overseas, especially to countries that use a language that we do not understand, we often difficult to read the information (such as roads and other direction), Fortunately, more advanced technologies and applications Word Lens for the iPhone will allow us to overcome the above problems.

Word Lens is a translator application in real time (direct) that can translate the text (in block letters instead of handwriting) with the help of cameras in mobile phones.

Simply put, when you see an information in printed form (paper or bulletin boards), just pointing the camera phone into the written text and automatically the text in foreign languages will be translated directly into the language that you know.

Word Lens can be used even when offline, meaning you do not have to worry about the cost of GPRS / 3G that we always worry about when they are abroad. Unfortunately this Wordlens apps can only translate Spanish to English or vice versa but this is a beginning, cool huh?? Well i hope the developer could expand the languages that support this apps. it should be a great apps for them who love to travel around the world.

watch the video about this iPhone apps below.

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