World's Most Amazing Animal Nests

World's Most Amazing Animal Nests, Since the old days man vying to build a magnificent building that has a high architectural value such as this beautiful city architectural design. high valued architecture was Not to be outdone by humans only but animals also have a high architectural value in building the nest, even beauty often we can not imagine how they make it.

Here are the amazing photographs of the most beautiful animal nest. Among other birds' nests, ants, termites, frogs, beavers, and so forth. These nests they had built with the "hands" of their own, without help of expert architects and building experts. Check this out.

1. Weaver Bird Nest

Weaver birds build permanent nests in trees and other tall objects. These nests will be large enough to house dozens of families of birds, containing several generations at once.

Their Nests are highly structured to give the birds a sense of who is more comfortable than the conditions outside. Central heat and used equipment room for the night and lay eggs. Outer space is used for shelter during the day.

2. Ant Nests

Complex ant nests built by many members of the colony. Ant nests are built underground or in trees. This ant nests can be found in the soil, under rocks or wood and in stone hollow. The materials used for construction of soil and tanaman.Sarang ant is always heavily guarded, so not to disturb him.

3. Beaver dam Nests

Beaver dam built as a protection against predators, like coyotes, wolves and bears, and to provide easy access to food during winter. Beavers always work at night and prolific builders, carrying mud and stones with the front is lined with hewn wood with his teeth.

Therefore, to destroy a beaver dam without removing the beavers is difficult, especially if the dam downstream is an active lodging. Beaver dams can build a base such as overnight.

4. Honey Bee Nests

Honeybees are one species of bee that builds its nest from wax derived from flower nectar ago produced a body wax by the bees themselves. Beehive itself always provides many benefits for human life.

5. Termites Nests

Termite workers build and maintain their colony nest like home. This is a complicated structure made using a combination of soil, mud, wood dikunya / cellulose, and saliva.

Termite nests consist of tunnels like the gallery that effectively provide air and control the balance CO2/O2, and allows to move through the termite nest.

Nests are usually built below ground, in large pieces of wood, fallen trees in or live in the treetops. Some species build up on the ground, and can develop into the amazing mound.

6. Frog Tree Nests

As the name implies, this frog is usually found in very high or trees and tall plants. They usually do not go down to the ground, when they built a foam lay eggs on leaves and during their lives into adulthood rarely leave the trees.

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