World's Most Expensive Christmas Tree

World's Most Expensive Christmas Tree, Yes we're gonna meet Christmas in about 2 weeks later, have you set your Christmas tree or any other Christmas object in your house? Here's a cool and bizarre story about the most expensive Christmas tree that costs $11 Million!!.

An $11 million Christmas tree may seem incredible, but the simple fact that it was put up in the lobby of a 7 star hotel in United Arab Emirates makes it a little more believable. According to Hans Olbertz, general manager of the Emirates Palace Hotel, this is the world’s most expensive Christmas tree.

But what makes a Christmas tree worth $11 million. Well, it appears its immense value is given by the fact that instead of traditional ornaments, the tree is decorated with very expensive jewelry draping around it’s branches, along with a few gold and silver bows and some lights.

The artificial Christmas tree standing at over 13ft tall had an initial value of only $10,000, but the sum kept rising as gold, pearls, diamonds, sapphires and other precious stones provided by Style Gallery, were being added. There are now 181 jewels decorating the world’s most expensive Christmas tree.

Maybe the idea of an $ 11million Christmas tree wouldn’t seam that out of the ordinary if you knew that the Emirates Palace Hotel is offering a seven days package at the price of “just” $ 1million, which includes a luxurious car and a private plane at the disposal of the guest.

The owners of the luxurious Abu Dhabi hotel are planning to contact the Guinness Book of Records about their creation. Here's the most expensive christmas tree ever.

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