The world’s thinnest HD video camcorder - POCO Pro

The world’s thinnest HD video camcorder - POCO Pro, Need a great compact camera to record your beautiful moments on your Christmas and New Year Holiday? well this HD Camcorder could be a great choice. so what are the specification of this HD Camcorder?

Poco Pro from Sinclair (same company that sells Cardsharp) is a digital camera with a credit card shape that size is only 85.6 x 54 x 5 mm with a weight of 65 grams.

Although the size was small, the features offered did not disappoint at all as 2.4 inch LCD screen (240 × 320) that uses AMOLED, 4 GB internal memory plus microSD if you want bigger (up to 32 GB).

This thin HD Camcorder also supports Wi-Fi, which means after take a photos, files can be directly transferred to a computer or the web.

For the Connectivity this POCO Pro was also complete such ranging from microUSB for charging the batteries as well as HDMI to see the photos and video on HDTV.

What about quality, not least also why especially this one can take video images with a format Full HD (1080p) and images to a resolution of 14.6 MP.and don't forget the CMOS sensor which means it can be relied upon to take photos in low light room.

Poco Pro can also be used manually just like a DSLR that we can set a manual for velocity (speed) and aperture. Unfortunately with this compact size, you do not have optical zoom (10x digital zoom only) and the flash of its own only in the form 2 pieces LED lights only. Poco Pro is sold at £ 200

Watch the Demo of POCO Pro the Thinnest HD Camcorder in the world.

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Picket Fence said...

I am impressed with this POCO Pro camcorder. As it is the thinnest in the world right now and its features are really amazing. I hope that i can get it ASAP. Thanks for posting...

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