3D Gaming Table by Unity for iPhone and Android

3D Gaming Table by Unity for iPhone and Android - Here comes another interesting gadget that can connected into your iPhone and Android. well this Unity 3D Gaming table could become a battle ground for iPhone and Android Gamers.

Well i think the magix table for iPhone was an inspiration to this 3D Gaming Table by Unity, and then here comes another digital tablet that can become a real breakthrough in mobile gaming world in the future.

this is an opportunity table for an Android powered smartphone owner to play head to head against an iPhone user. Keeping the long story short – the Unity 3D gaming table lets you use your smartphone as a gamepad to square-off with your iOS or Android operating opponent (as the case may be). In the video below, you’ll see two gamers with an Android-powered HTC Evo 4G and iPhone 4 respectively, squaring-off for supremacy in a wave race.

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Really a nice table to see and i think that this smart table with 3D technology would be loved by gamers. Thanks for posting.

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