The Deadliest Scorpions Species

The Deadliest Scorpions species, the scorpions was known as one of the most dangerous animal in the world, most of them has a deadly poison. and here's the list of the deadliest scorpions in the world.

1. Death stalker, Leiurus quinquestriatus

Type: Terrestrial, Opportunistic Burrower
Origin: Mid east and North Africa
Size: 10-13 cm
Temperament: aggressive

deathstalker known as a species that has the most deadly poison, their poison is a mixture of various toxic neurotoxin that is very strong that can cause unbearable pain, then fever, followed by coma, convulsions, paralysis and death. Fortunately, for healthy adult humans, although painful, but not to kill. Young children, parents and individuals who are weak (such as weak heart) are at high risk groups would be death if stung by this scorpion.

2. Arabian Fat-tailed scorpion, Androctonus crassicauda

Type: Terrestrial dessert
Origin: Mid East and North Africa
Size: Approximately 10 cm
Temperament: Less aggressive

Fat-tailed scorpion Androctonus is one of the most toxic scorpion species in the world. name aj "Androctonus" which means man-killer. Among all the species Androctonus perhaps the most danger is the Arabian Fat-tailed Scorpion, the poison could rival the poison of Deathstalker. These toxic species have also composed of neurotoxin. Answer This species is responsible for the deaths of several people each year. While this is debatable who is the most deadly scorpions, whether or Arabian Deathstalker or Fat-tailed

3. Yellow Fat-tailed scorpion, Androctonus australis

Type: Terrestrial
Origin: Mid East, North Africa, India
Size: More than 9 cm
Temperament: Sometimes Calm and Sometimes Aggressive

in accordance with its type ie type "Androctonus", yellow fat-tailed is a very deadly type, although it poisons is not as strong as the Arabian Deathstalker fat-tailed, the fat-tailed yellow poison can kill a person within 2 hours if not immediately given serum. serum was also not easy to obtain,

4. Black Spitting Thicktail Scorpion, Parabuthus transvaalicus

Type: Opportunistic Burrower
Origin: Africa
Size: About 12 cm
Temperament: Not too aggressive

they can shoot their venom as well as cobra venom. they sprayed poison can be up to 1 meter away, and when exposed to the eyes can cause a very sore sense and temporary blindness, but this blindness may be permanent if the poison was not immediately cleaned up.

5. Striped bark scorpion, Centruroides vittatus

Type: Opportunistic Burrower
Origin: North America
Size: 5-7 cm
Temperament: Not Aggressive

this species sting is extremely painful. for some people can occur for 15-20 minutes and not infrequently until up to 2-3 days. but this type is rarely enough to cause death.

6. Asian Forest Scorpion, Heterometrus longimanus

Type: Terrestrial
Origin: South Asia
Size: 10-12 cm
Temperament: Very aggressive

He is very similar to the emperor scorpion, but very different in character. Asian forest is a very aggressive species and are quite defensive when feeling threatened so often seen in ready to attack position. different from the other scorpion above, when the Asian Forest rarely threatened to use its tail to sting, they are more often attacked by using claws which are big enough to make us bleed.

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Anonymous said...

what an idiot dont listen to him ,he has it all wrong androctonus australis kills the most so its the deadliest

Anonymous said...

No if the venom is super deadly like the death stalker than its the deadliest. So that means that the death stalker is rightfully the deadliest

Anonymous said...

I think there all cool

Anonymous said...

Wow! Seems like North Africa has most dangerous scorpions. Aggressive means they will chase you down and do you in!

paul g said...

No they won't. They'll break into your house, steal your car keys and drive away

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