Flying Yacht Concept by Phil Pauley

Flying Yacht Concept by Phil Pauley - Have you ever imagined about a luxury yacht which can fly on the sky? Phil Pauley made the awesome concept of this Flying Yacht. this flying yacht is a new paradigm in commercial and luxury private travel. Though this yacht seems to avoid ignores basic rules in its making, but it something, for sure, that takes you out from the conventional tech and lends you in future straightway. Dubbed the Flying Cruiser, it is the part of the cruiser range that offers four options to cater to individual choice. These include the Yacht Cruiser, Sub Cruiser, Fly Cruiser and Power Cruiser. This Flying Yacht Concept might be as good as this Halo Intersceptor Car the All in one Vehicle which can move on air, water and in the road.

The Fly Cruiser features wings with integrated jet engines. Wings extend outward from the body to accelerate the boat until it’s hydroplaning on a stability board, which it then retracts once it’s moving fast enough. Operating at the forefront of performance with aggressive yet innovative design dressed with classic contemporary furnishings, The Fly Cruiser changes from boat to a flying machine with the touch of a button and lifts you from the plain and into free air to well over 100 knots. So, if you are the one who looks for comfort and loves open air freedom, then the Power Cruiser is what you surely love.

Here's more picture of this Flying Yacht Concept by Phil Pauley.

Credits to : Automotto.org

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