Self Cleaning Fridge a Futuristic Technology

Self Cleaning Fridge a Futuristic Technology, It seems that everyday people comes with a brilliant idea, this Futuristic Fridge was envisioned by Ikea. So what are the advantages of this futuristic fridge? I think this fridge could be better than this Linux Refrigerator by Electrolux.

This self-cleaning fridge of the future would fit perfectly inside the kitchen of 2040 as envisioned by Ikea earlier this year. Being designed in the UK, this smart fridge is an upshot of collaborations between scientists at the University of Central Lancashire and online supermarket Ocado. The high-tech fridge will teach you to cook with your leftovers, and it re-orders fresh food too. Moreover, this futuristic fridge can also place supermarket home delivery orders and organize food by date for use. The fridge is being said to clean itself, cut down on wasted food, scan its shelves for food and provide you with recipes. The full wireless connectivity allows for the streaming of web-based cooking shows and services. We're on a way into a Futuristic Kitchen Set.

The smart fridge makes use of “nano-articulated technology” shelf surfaces featuring millions of independently controlled micro-tiles, which will send food products soon to be eaten to the front of the shelves. The integrated ultrasound-scanning technology in the door will let the fridge swipe and capture the food on a plate before and after mealtime, in order to check the amount of type of food being wasted. So, in the near future, you fridge will tell you what to have for dinner.

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Via : Bornrich.org

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Sanitizing Hand Wipes said...

I am amazed to see a fridge that has the ability of self cleaning. I think now there will be no wastage of food and we can also save lots of money as well as time. Thanks for sharing it.

mold inspections five boros said...

Cleaning fridge has to be a very regular job,when with children handling the fridge there is a lot of misuse and damp and fungus from food left overs which has to be looked out for when cleaning.

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