Waterproof Smartphones and Camera for Adventurers

Waterproof Smartphones and Camera for Adventurers, Need a perfect gadgets to accompany your adventure? well here's 2 waterproof gadgets that you must have on your adventures, that was a Swan Security Sportscam and also Outsider Smartphones.

Swann Security is slated to debut the SportsCam Waterproof Mini Video Camera at CES 2011 - this mini camera/DVR combo is housed in a rugged waterproof case and comes with a myriad of mounting options so outdoor enthusiasts can live and relive their most extreme moments. At the core of the SportsCam is a color camera that can record 640 x 480 high resolution video or crystal clear still images. The device stores recordings on a removable MicroSD card (up to 16GB), so users can easily swap out cards while on the go. SportsCam is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that recharges via USB and gives the user 2.5 hours of life per charge.

Not only is the SportsCam’s case shockproof, but it’s also waterproof up to 65 feet. Included with the device are a number of mounting options that make it an ideal solution for a variety of sports and outdoor applications. With no dials, gauges knobs or any preferences to configure, users simply turn it on, strap it on and hit “Record.” The SportsCam is priced at $99, and will be available for purchase in February through Swann’s network of retailers.

And here's for the Outsiders Smartphone a waterproof Phone for adventuring.

designer Jonathan Coop has developed an innovative smartphone called the “Outsider” that featuring a robust yet flexible design can withstand some of the most trying conditions. Integrating an indestructible flexible screen, the three-stage injection-molded phone can be attached to any pole, crossbar or arm for use in any extreme situation. While the enclosed structure of the smartphone makes it completely water, freeze and impact resistant, so the adventurers could stay connected all the time.

Swann Security Sports Cam a Waterproof Camera for Adventurers

The Outsider Smartphone for adventurers

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