World's Smallest Digital Camera JTT Chobi Camone

World's Smallest Digital Camera JTT Chobi Camone - This digital camera might be the world's smallest digital camera, It comes with a micro DSLR Camera shape, at a first sight many people will think that this is only a toy. but actually they was a digital camera. JTT Chobi CamOne is a mini digital camera with the form of a DSLR camera that can function properly unless you talk about quality, certainly can not expect much.

CamOne Chobi size is only 25 × 25x26 mm and weighs only 12 grams but can produce the image resolution to 1600 × 1200 px and take video resolution VGA (640 × 480 @ 30 fps). Just like a DSLR, Chobi CamOne also can mutually exchange the lens and provided wide and telephoto lenses as well

With their tiny size i think this gadget could be a great spying gadgets since no one knows the existence of this camera. For storage this micro DSLR Camera was using microSD card / micro SDHC with a maximum capacity reaching 32 GB. Chobi CamOne using Lithium batteries can be recharged via the USB cable is also used to transfer files to your computer

Chobi CamOne sold at 9800 yen for the body only and does not include a memory card and extra lens. Here's more picture of this micro DSLR Camera named Chobi Camone JTT

Here's the Example of the picture taken with this Micro DSLR Camera JTT Chobi Camone.

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