Best Ferrari Car Design Ever

Best Ferrari Car Design - Ferrari Was known as one of the most wanted vehicle all around the world, usually it comes with a nice design such as this Ferrari F40 Limo Edition. Ferrari has been producing cars since 1929. Until now, the Italian car manufacturer has been very successful. Even her image as a supercar many thumbs up not only at their home but elsewhere in the world.

Ferarri glorious history when the producers decided to join the race or a Formula 1 pole position. That confirms how great the car is in terms of technology and speed. See also the Ferrari Theme park and the Online Ferrari Driving Simulator.

Well, from the number of Ferrari cars currently only have 10 Ferrari that was named the best in the history of Ferrari supercars. Of course, Ferrari's 10 community memorabilia many lovers, especially Ferrari.

Inauguration is certainly seen from the design and technology, toughness and ability to run over black asphalt. What are the 10 best in the world of Ferrari? Check it out the Top 10 Best Ferrari Car ever.

1. Ferrari 250 GTO

Built for GT racing. The body adopts the concept of old school and retro view. 3,000 cc V12 engine is very highly in the era of the '60s.

2. Ferrari 365 GTB

This Ferrari is very popular in the '70s. Capacity of 4390 cc V12 engine can produce power 352 bhp (262 kW). Unfortunately the engine is weak at lower speed, but top speed is very frightening. The design is very futuristic.

3. Ferrari F50

Created in 1995-1997 result of the development between the F40 and Enzo, produce the best engine performance at Ferrari. Engine capacity 4700 cc power 513 hp can be issued at 8000 rpm. This car ran up to a maximum speed of 200 mph. His Chassis adopt a Formula 1 chassis.

4. Ferrari Enzo

Who does not know the Ferrari Enzo. The car that was released in 2002 it shot to fast cars strongest ever. Feature adopt mobi Formula 1. Beneath the hood there is a capacity of 6000 cc V12 engine is mated with 6 semi-automatic.

5. Ferrari F40

This car was manufactured from 1987-1992. Ferrari made the fastest and most powerful cars at that time. Imagine this car became the fastest legal car is allowed to tread on the streets.

6. Ferrari 246 Dino

Built in 1968, the car becomes a very attractive car in its era. This is an added value for Ferrari to produce the car. The shape is very not convincing. But behind the hood there is a machine that is claimed to be strong enough when asked to racing-kebutan. There are 2 engine options, namely 6-cylinder 2400 cc and 3,000 cc engine with 8 cylinders.

7. Ferrari 275 GTB / 4

First introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1966 and immediately produced until 1968. The car is a Ferrari car which is claimed as a supercar softest due to the vibration level is quite low in the ranks of other Ferrari cars. It has a capacity of 3300 cc engine 4-cam V12.

8. Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

Ferrari car line more complete with the car this one. Produced between the years 1999-2005, a Ferrari 360 was the Ferrari car with best handling. But the Ferrari engineers expect the car was not used for racing on the road. Because the technology is applied to the 3600 cc V8 could harm users.
9. Ferrari 166MM Inter

This car is categorized as a sports car. There engine capacity 2,000 cc V12 configured behind bonednya. There are only 39 units in the world with a vulnerable time of production in 1948-1953. This car is also a car with the best design.

10. Ferrari F355

Produced in 1994-1999, became the successor F369 F355. The machine that carried a 3500 cc DOHC V8 mated tech 6 speed gearbox that makes Formula 1 car as the best car at the time. There are 3 types provided by the F355 Spider, F355 and F355 GTS Challenge.

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