EGO Undersea Explorer Vehicle

EGO Undersea Explorer Vehicle - Now with the advance in transportation technology you can explore the beauty of undersea easily and comfortable. EGO is a semi diving Vehicle with a capacity of 2 passengers is intended for anyone who likes to see the underwater sights.

Called semi-submarine because the wheelhouse below the water surface is surrounded by glass so that we can see the scenery under the sea. And if you're bored, we can rise up and bask in the over EGO.

Ego is also created for all people, which means easy EGO driven by anyone without having to learn or courses to drive it. EGO also claimed very safe compared to a submarine because when an accident, we easily get out of the Ego.

EGO itself sold in 2 versions of EGO are destined for commercial SE and LE EGO reserved for the person. Well it's great to have a honeymoon with your partners on this vehicle while exploring the beauty of undersea. here's more pictures of this EGO Vehicle the semi submarine to explore the undersea.

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