Electro Shock Smile Device

Electro Shock Smile Device - Do you have a difficulties to make your beloved children smile? Now you don't need to worry about that anymore because this device will train or i can say it to force your beloved children to smile. If they can't smile so this device will pinch your kids.

Electro Shock Smile is a tool made by a japanese inventor that will train (actually forced) child to always smile because otherwise there is little "pinch" (stun) which makes your child must smile all the time.

In this tool there are screens and buttons that are used to regulate how much electricity that will be active if the child does not smile. Like we said, is a bit cruel really but for the future of children, some parents may agree to use a tool like this, But i think only the worst parents in the world that would force their kids to smile.

I Don't know the price of this device. let's wait for a further information.

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cheap perfume uk said...

i had to look again, I thought it was a serious device, gave me a much needed laugh tho - thanks :)

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