Gun Shaped Ice Cream

Gun Shaped Ice Cream - At first glance i think that this guy want to shot himself on the mouth with his handgun, but i was wrong, that was a gun shaped ice cream. it really looks like the real hand guns but the fact is these guns was an ice cream. before this we also has posted about the weird shaped ice cream such as Bond Ice Cream.

This Gun Shaped Ice Cream has a different kinds of flavors–cola, cherry, licorice and black currant. They are an addition to the first 50 tinted ice guns that Florian Jenett and Valentin Beinroth made and placed in downtown Frankfurt a few years ago. Make sure that you also read the bizarre ice cream flavors in japan.

These edible eatables where exhibited at an art show called “Freeze Revisited”, and their existence certainly shocked a lot of people. Here's more pictures of this cool gun shaped ice cream.

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