Mind Controlled Car with BrainDriver

Mind Controlled Car With Braindriver - This Device Allows you to Drive your car with Brains, It seems that everyday we will face a new technology such as this one. with this BrainDriver Device now you can control your car using your mind. wow it's like in the movie right? but this is the fact.

Raúl Rojas, an AI professor at the Freie Universität Berlin has created the BrainDriver - a car driving system that is controlled by just the human mind. The technology uses Emotiv “neuroheadset,” an electroencephalography, or EEG that reads the specific neuro-signals from the mind and converts the electric impulses into steering output. So you can control the steering, throttle, brakes and more just using your mind.

The idea behind the projects is that each human thought is a spate impulse entity and has a specific electric signal pattern attached. The EEF developed by San Francisco-based company Emotiv reads these human emotions and transforms them into actions according to pre-programmed patterns. So, think right and you can steer right, think brake and hopefully you will before you hit something.

the technology is still in testing phase and is long way away from being available for public usage. BrainDriver has been tested at the Berlin Airport. Here's the Video Demo of BrainDriver a Mind Controlled Car

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